An update for 2015: 

The Trust is on course to close in March 2017

In our final year of 2016 we shall try and raise further funds to transfer to Ranebennur and thus maintain the projects that we have supported for some considerable time to meet the needs of the children and young people in Ranebennur.

The Trustees believe that our fundraising efforts in the UK can and should continue until December 2016. After this time the Trustees will receive no further funds in order that the charity can complete all the formalities of closure before the financial year end of March 2017. We hope our supporters will continue to donate to the Trust until that date.

On formal closure all funds will then be transferred to Ranebennur for use as staff there see fit to make sure all the projects continue to meet local need.

We will keep you informed of progress and a farewell 10th anniversary event, probably in November 2016 in Bristol, is now planned. This to thank our supporters and to celebrate our huge achievements over 10 years.


The Way Forward

With the rise in birth rate, the need for further nursery education in Honatti district continues to increase. The government is in the process of reorganising the location and size of many Anganawadi’s in the district and as a result Hema Ballad is currently waiting for this process to be completed before deciding where our funds can be used to best advantage.

The Shri Honnammadevi College courses for women have gone from strength to strength. The tailoring course set up a few years ago continues meet a real demand and thebeautician and embroidery courses are also now very popular with young and mature students alike.

The support we give to students towards their further education remains a central purpose of our Trust. Last year eleven pre-university course students from rural areas received vital assistance towards their fees, uniforms and also bus passes. Afurther twelve students were similarly supported during their first, second or third year university course.

An update for 2014:

Some of the projects we are supporting this year are:

Education fees for students 
This has always been one of the backbones of the charity – to enable more young people from the area to attend higher education in a wide range of courses. Many of these students would otherwise not be able to gain higher qualifications, vocational skills or degrees.

We are delighted to hear that one of the students who has benefitted from this scheme has been appointed a teacher at a local nursery. Other students who have taken part are now also contributing some of their salaries to fund future students requiring support.

We hope to be able to support an extra 7 students per year through this scheme.

A commerce course

A tailoring course – we have been able to support this course for three years now, with 68 women successfully completing it. The course is valuable to young women, widows and families whose main vocation is farming, allowing them a way of making much-needed income in non-harvest seasons.

We have recently been able to provide financial support for
Embroidery courses – see the pictures of the first course on the website
Beautician courses




The Trust has recently decided (2013)

to  help to set up a commerce and IT course  at the local college – Shri Honnamadevi Mahila Mandal College, to assist 40 students from rural areas. The purpose of this course will be to equip them with much sought after IT skills, enabling students to better compete with students from urban settings

to support the request for outdoor play equipment for an orphanage in Ranebennur

to fund the purchase of a motorised scooter for a young man with disabilities.

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