We want to mention the phenomenal efforts of the colleagues, friends and relatives of Gareth Heard, previously one of our  supporters and fundraisers who sadly died over a year ago.

The trustees, in conjunction with his family, have been considering a lasting way to commemorate his life. We are very honoured and touched that his friends and family have chosen to do so in the area of Ranebennur.

The plan is to build a Community Centre in the village of Honnatti, near Ranebennur. The Centre will be used to host educational events for the community and surrounding villages, and for functions such as marriages and meetings of village elders etc. The aim is for the use of the hall to be flexible and provide a much-needed indoor space for the community to come together and discuss important issues.

We are delighted to say that a substantial amount of the funds needed for this project have already been made through the amazing fundraising efforts of his family, friends and colleagues – over £6500 of £10000 to date.

We are now in a position to begin the construction of the hall and will keep you updated regularly.


Update on 2015:

During the past year, family, friends and colleagues of Gareth Heard have continued to raise further significant funds in Gareth’s memory to build the rural Community Centre in Honnatti for use by all the villagers.

As of November 2015, the total raised is now £15,028. The final estimate of costs, including fitting out is expected to be £15,820. We hope to raise the remaining £792 before 31st March 2016 when the fund will formally close.

The latest photographs show the building in its final stages with boundary wall being built. Our Chair, Dr Mangala Mundasad, is due to visit Ranebennur in February by which time we hope the building will be nearing completion.

If anyone would like to make any final donations to this memorial to Gareth, then the fund is still open and payments can be made via Paypal or cheques to Ranebennur Trust.

***Fund raising for the GHMF Community Centre project is separate from the general fund raising for other projects supported by the Trust. The gift aid from money raised for the GHMF will be added to that specific project.


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