Annual report 2015




Thank you again for supporting our work in the rural communities of Ranebennur. All our projects have continued to grow during the past year and my relatives and friends in Ranebennur are preparing to take on the full responsibility for these projects when our Trust closes in a year’s time.

The past year has been a difficult one for my family with the death of my father who has played such a significant role in ensuring all those in our local community receive the help and support they need to attain their goals. We all miss him greatly but we will ensure that the work he started will continue.

I am so please to confirm that the Gareth Heard Memorial Community Centre is now almost completed. I am planning on visiting Ranebennur in February2016 and will then report back on the final stage of the Community Centre.

I do hope you will continue to support us during our final year and the Trustees will continue to honour our commitment to ensure 100% of your donation will reach the children, young people and families in need in Ranebennur.

Dr Mangala Mundasad

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