Monthly Archives: April 2014

Message from the Chair – looking back over 2013


“Thanks to you, our supporters, the Trust has had another successful year when over £10,000 was raised. This is such a wonderful achievement and has meant we have been able to commit funds to complete the equipping of the original 30 Anganawadis that we pledged to support.

We have also increased our guaranteed sum for fees for students wishing to go on to higher education. The number of students seeking this assistance is rising all the time and in an attempt to give more young people the chance of a higher education we have raised our annual grant towards fees by 40%. In return students now completing their course are pledging sums towards fees to help the future generations.

The past year has also seen the request for more short-term vocational courses for young women. We spoke last year of the success of the tailoring course, now taking place six times per year. We are now also to part-fund the setting up of embroidery courses and beautician courses based at the College. 

May I thank you all again for your on-going support of the Trust. We know we make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and their families and we will continue to ensure that 100% of any donation will reach those for whom it was intended.” 

Dr Mangala Mundasad 

The Gareth Heard Memorial Fund


We want to mention the phenomenal efforts of the colleagues, friends and relatives of Gareth Heard, previously one of our supporters and fundraisers, who sadly died over a year ago.

The trustees, in conjunction with his family, have been considering a lasting way to commemorate his life. We are very honoured and touched that his friends and family have chosen to do so in the area of Ranebennur.

The plan is to build a Community Centre in the village of Honnatti, near Ranebennur. The Centre will be used to host educational events for the community and surrounding villages, and for functions such as marriages and meetings of village elders etc. The aim is for the use of the hall to be flexible and provide a much-needed indoor space for the community to come together and discuss what is important to them.

We are delighted to say that a substantial amount of the funds needed for this project have already been made through the amazing fundraising efforts of Gareth’s family, friends and colleagues – over £6500 of  the £10000 needed.

We are now in a position to begin the construction of the hall and will keep you updated regularly.


***Fundraising for the GHMF Community Centre project is separate from the general fundraising for other projects supported by the Trust. In addition the gift aid from money raised for the GHMF will be added to that specific project.