In Memory of Sri Nagappa Bellad – ‘Dad’


Sri Nagappa Bellad, father of our Chair of Trustees, Dr Mangala Mundasad and her brother and sisters, and grandfather to our Trustee, Dr Smitha Mundasad, died on 9th January 2015. He was the founder of so much good work in the Ranebennur District and played such an active and full role in ensuring the work of our Ranebennur Trust was undertaken with diligence, love and care.

Sri Nagappa Bellad, known affectionately as ‘Dad’ to many of us here in the UK and India, was in his nineties and fully active in his home and regional community to the end. One of his last projects for our Trust was to monitor and keep on track the building of the Gareth Heard Memorial Community Centre in Honnatti. He visited the site with great regularity and kept everyone ‘on their toes’.

Sri Nagappa Bellad was respected and renowned on a local, regional and national level in India. Many thousands attended his funeral with representatives of government present. Having studied at Dharwad University he later became President of Ranebennur Tuluka Board where he served the people of the Taluk and all the surrounding villages. He also became a Member of the Legislative Assembly, Bangalore for five years.

Like Mahatma Ghandi he recognised the needs of his fellow citizens in less fortunate circumstances and, having four daughters, also gave every encouragement to women to gain a full education.

Thank you, ‘Sri Nagappa’, for all you have done to support your fellow citizens, especially the young of the next generation who will take India forward. ‘Dad’ will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and all our supporters both here in the UK as well as in India.

Annual report 2015




Thank you again for supporting our work in the rural communities of Ranebennur. All our projects have continued to grow during the past year and my relatives and friends in Ranebennur are preparing to take on the full responsibility for these projects when our Trust closes in a year’s time.

The past year has been a difficult one for my family with the death of my father who has played such a significant role in ensuring all those in our local community receive the help and support they need to attain their goals. We all miss him greatly but we will ensure that the work he started will continue.

I am so please to confirm that the Gareth Heard Memorial Community Centre is now almost completed. I am planning on visiting Ranebennur in February2016 and will then report back on the final stage of the Community Centre.

I do hope you will continue to support us during our final year and the Trustees will continue to honour our commitment to ensure 100% of your donation will reach the children, young people and families in need in Ranebennur.

Dr Mangala Mundasad

Annual report



Activities of the Charity

Ranebennur Trust is registered with the UK Charity Commission. The focus of our activities is defined as:

“Grant making trust to specific organisations and students in Ranebennur Tuluk, Southern India”

Report of the Chair of Ranebennur Trust 

“Thank you again for supporting our work in the rural communities of Ranebennur. This past year has seen expansion of courses for young women and further support for students wishing to continue their education. It is particularly gratifying to hear of the increase in self-esteem and confidence of students as a result of the work they do for themselves, their families and their community.

During the past year the Trust has held greater reserves than previously; this is mainly the result of the Gareth Heard Memorial Fund. As the building has now started significant funds have already been transferred to Ranebennur and we anticipate that most funds will be forwarded by the summer of 2015 in order to complete the project.

Some of you may be concerned at our announcement in this report of the Trustees’ decision to close the charity in 2017.  We believe that our tenth anniversary is the right time to move on and ask those in Ranebennur to take up the full challenge for their community.

I do hope you will continue to support us during our final two years and the Trustees will continue to honour our commitment to ensure 100% of your donation will reach the children, young people and families in need in Ranebennur.”

Dr Mangala Mundasad

Financial Report for year ending March 2014:

Reserves brought forward   – £5,127

Income for the year                         – £6,430

Total expenditure                         – £3,404

Reserves carried forward            – £8,154



** All administrative and other expenditure are donated back to the Trust thus insuring 100% of funds continue to be used directly on our projects in Ranebennur

Gift Aid – a big thank you to all who sign the gift aid form when making a donation. This means we get an additional £2.50 for every £10 donated. As a result we received a tax refund of £1,363 in 2013-14.


Presentation of Certificates for the Tailoring Course

For full financial details of the charity please contact the Correspondent


Success! – the ‘3 peak’s challenge’ by Gareth’s family

The Way Forward

This year has seen the Shri Honnammadevi College open further courses for young women. As well as the ever popular tailoring courses the College now runs both embroidery and beautician courses. These courses not only provide the opportunity for women to raise further income for their families but also to build and enhance their self-esteem.

More students than ever now have the opportunity to go on to further education as a result of the increase in the funds we have committed for college fees and travel.

The number of Anganawadis continues to grow and this year, rather than commit a set sum for a new nursery, we have asked Hema and those in Ranebennur, to ensure the money available is used in the areas of greatest need. This might mean educational murals for one Anganawadi, or uniforms or equipment for another. We will let you know how our funds are distributed to the ever growing number of Anganawadis.

Gareth Heard Memorial Fund

During the past year, in addition to our regular fund raising for projects, the family, friends and colleagues of Gareth Heard have continued to raise funds in his memory to build a rural Community Centre in Honnatti for use by all villagers. The target of £10,000 has been now been raised – a really superb achievement.

Further funds to fit-out and equip the Centre have also been raised; former colleagues at Lloyds bank have held quiz nights; Lilian and her friends have held coffee mornings in Caerleon and Gareth’s father and sisters completed a tremendous ‘3 peaks challenge’ in the summer. As a result of all the efforts the decision to build the Centre has been taken and the foundations are now being laid. The building should be in use by next summer.


The Blessing of the Site for the Gareth Heard Community Centre

Fund Raising 2014

This year has seen so much effort by so many of our fund raisers. The superlative efforts of those supporting the Gareth Heard Memorial Fund and the building of the Community Centre in Honnatti are reported earlier in this report. Those supporting the courses and projects have also been working so hard and particular mention must be given to Belinda Fenty, one of Smitha’s closest friends, who has heard so much about the charity and Ranebennur. As a result, last September Belinda ran the Richmond Half Marathon for the Trust and raised over £500. A brilliant effort and she somehow squeezed all this into her busy doctor and actress schedules!  The money will definitely make a significant difference to some of our projects. 


Belinda at the finish of her successful half marathon

Our regular supporters are the back bone of our work. Without the monthly donations from this loyal group of fund raisers we would never have made such a difference to local communities and individuals in Ranebennur. Well over 25% of our funds come from this regular source and all gift aided too. It makes such a difference to the total funds raised.

Thank you.

Trustees decide to close the Trust in 2017.

During the past eight years the Trust has successfully initiated and sponsored a wide range of projects in the rural communities of Ranebennur Tuluk. It has supported individual students, vocational training, and villagers of all ages and needs.

The Trust has always believed that in the longer term people in Ranebennur would progress to enhance and support their own community facilities. To that end we have provided ‘start-up’ capital with a view to all projects becoming self-supporting. By early 2017 we believe that all the projects should be in a viable position to continue to serve their local communities.

The Trustees believe that our fundraising efforts in the UK can and should continue until 2017. This period of transition will enable local community leaders in Ranebennur to take over and continue to support where needs prevail. We hope our supporters will continue to donate to the Trust during these next two years during which time we also hope to build up a reserve fund to cushion the transition.

We will keep you informed of progress and a farewell 10th anniversary event in the spring of 2017 has been suggested. This to thank our supporters and to celebrate the huge achievement over 10 years.


Courses and an Anganawadi sharing a meal together


Presentation of Certificates for the Tailoring Course



Trustee Summer Meeting


We have just heard from Honnatti that we have been granted permission to start building the Gareth Heard Memorial Hall. The builders are now purchasing all the relevant building materials and will send us pictures as soon as the first stone is laid. This should happen in the next few weeks.

Fundraising for this project is going extremely well. Massive thanks to everyone who has donated so far. At the moment we have covered all costs for the build! The next step is fixtures and fittings – getting the essential bathrooms and kitchens purchased and installed. After that we can start thinking about chairs and tables and other equipment so that the hall is shipshape and ready to go.

Message from the Chair – looking back over 2013


“Thanks to you, our supporters, the Trust has had another successful year when over £10,000 was raised. This is such a wonderful achievement and has meant we have been able to commit funds to complete the equipping of the original 30 Anganawadis that we pledged to support.

We have also increased our guaranteed sum for fees for students wishing to go on to higher education. The number of students seeking this assistance is rising all the time and in an attempt to give more young people the chance of a higher education we have raised our annual grant towards fees by 40%. In return students now completing their course are pledging sums towards fees to help the future generations.

The past year has also seen the request for more short-term vocational courses for young women. We spoke last year of the success of the tailoring course, now taking place six times per year. We are now also to part-fund the setting up of embroidery courses and beautician courses based at the College. 

May I thank you all again for your on-going support of the Trust. We know we make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and their families and we will continue to ensure that 100% of any donation will reach those for whom it was intended.” 

Dr Mangala Mundasad 

The Gareth Heard Memorial Fund


We want to mention the phenomenal efforts of the colleagues, friends and relatives of Gareth Heard, previously one of our supporters and fundraisers, who sadly died over a year ago.

The trustees, in conjunction with his family, have been considering a lasting way to commemorate his life. We are very honoured and touched that his friends and family have chosen to do so in the area of Ranebennur.

The plan is to build a Community Centre in the village of Honnatti, near Ranebennur. The Centre will be used to host educational events for the community and surrounding villages, and for functions such as marriages and meetings of village elders etc. The aim is for the use of the hall to be flexible and provide a much-needed indoor space for the community to come together and discuss what is important to them.

We are delighted to say that a substantial amount of the funds needed for this project have already been made through the amazing fundraising efforts of Gareth’s family, friends and colleagues – over £6500 of  the £10000 needed.

We are now in a position to begin the construction of the hall and will keep you updated regularly.


***Fundraising for the GHMF Community Centre project is separate from the general fundraising for other projects supported by the Trust. In addition the gift aid from money raised for the GHMF will be added to that specific project.